Monday, May 31, 2010

Depression + Narcotics = Bad Mmkay?

I am just not going to count today.  The weirdest thoughts have been flying around in my brain... literally... some were about men as butterflies.  Weird, I told you!  Yeah so taking narcotics while depressed is not a good thing unless you are in excruciating pain like I was last night.  I had another gallbladder attack that landed me in the ER for the 2nd time in a month.  It was not fun.  They did do some blood tests this time and my liver enzymes were elevated.  Since I am not a drinker that means it is most likely my gallbladder.  An ultrasound is next.  If it confirms I will be heading into surgery shortly.  I am not sure if I just don't care or if I'm numb but this doesn't seem to be stressing me out at all.  I am a bit nervous about having another attack but with my prescribed hydrocodone I don't need to worry anymore.  It's not life threatening unless I have a fever and the pills take care of the pain after about an hour.

Well, it's getting late, it's hot as hell {almost} and one of our fans blew out today... sigh.  Um wait... that sentence was supposed to end with "so I'm going to bed"... meh whatever.  Brain is still a bit fuzzy from late night ER visit, drugs and little food today.  Good night.  HOPEFULLY tomorrow I will FINALLY post about this little book my counselor gave me that I have been meaning to tell you about for like, um a week?  We'll see how conscious I am.
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