Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unending Love

Can life really be this perfect? I have an amazingly loving husband who dreams of holding me all day long; and now his little miracle is growing in my womb. I am blessed by God. He has seen fit to finally give me all I've dreamed of and it is more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. A girl dreams of a man who will sweep her off her feet, carry her away on a white horse, and pamper her for the rest of her days. I got much better. I got a man who works hard everyday so I can buy all we need and anything my heart desires. More importantly, he works all day to fulfill himself so he can be a better husband to me. He dries my tears; even my hormonal ones that make no sense at all. He has taken to lately looking down at me with a smile so genuine, knowing that his child is growing inside of me. When I can't move in fear of being sick once again, he fetches me anything I could need, even when its the most inconvenient for him. Tonight, when I feared aloud that I may miscarry again, he looked me straight in the eyes, smiled that sweet smile, and simply said "then we'll try again." Mr. Right Now turned out to be my Mr. Perfect.