Monday, September 20, 2010


I am so tired.  I am exhausted even.  I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight in months.  Today was so frustrating.  It was all going well until this afternoon.  I sprayed something to clean up a mess on the carpet and apparently I am allergic to it.  I have had the worst headache all day because of it and at one point my upper lip was even a bit numb.  That just set me up for a bad evening I guess.

My headache worsened and LB didn't want to go to bed.  He screamed and screamed until eventually I had to call DH in to take over.  I wanted to badly to spank him and tell him to be quiet, but he's far too young to know what a spanking is.  Plus, he wasn't in need of a spanking.  He wasn't doing anything wrong... he just couldn't sleep.  It was just so frustrating.  DH took over and I realized I still had laundry to do.  I nearly broke down right then.

I am feeling better now.  LB is in his crib, not crying; and DH knows that I didn't mean to snap at him.  He's going to bed now.  I'll be up for another hour waiting on our laundry to finish drying so I can go down and get it.  Hopefully tomorrow that smell will be gone and I can relax and get some work done.