Saturday, May 8, 2010

God is my GPS and I am never lost

Lolli over at Better In Bulk just attended a woman's luncheon and had this to say about what she learned.
Think of driving to a new address using a GPS. You make a wrong turn and the GPS voice beams, “Route Recalculation” or “Recalculating.” There are different ways to get to the same end destination. Some routes will be longer or harder or bumpier than others, but they still have the ability to get you to the same place.
What a wonderful mental image.  Even if we make a wrong turn, all is not lost.  We may seem lost, but God - our GPS, knows exactly where we are and He gently guides us on a new route to our destination.  Sometimes my life feels like I'm on a huge, never ending shopping trip.  I have several destinations and I feel like I need to get to every. single. one. today!  But then there are times when God places something shiny {and ON SALE!} in front of my face, like perhaps my husband, or my dear son, and He tells me to slow down, enjoy the view...look around for a while.  Once I have finished with that "store" I pack up all the goodies I found in that part of my life and take them with me to my next destination.  Sure, sometimes it feels like I'm carrying around a lot of stuff... but that's what my car is for!  Just stick all the non-essentials in the car and forget about them for a while.  I've got my "purse" that holds all the important things like God, my identification {who I am}, my family {photos}, and all my dreams and memories.  I can always head back out to the car whenever I want to pick up something I've been storing for a while. 

I know that's a pretty large stretch of an analogy... but hey, I got it {and I'm sure some other shopping ladies got it too}!
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