Friday, March 11, 2011

A Little Prayer

Could we take just a moment and say a prayer for Japan and all those in the pacific region who are suffering from this earthquake and tsunamis?  Let us pray and meditate on their safety over the next few days.  Let the emergency relief personnel find all those who might be trapped alive.  Let them stay safe in rescuing the stranded.  Let the healing and rebuilding come smoothly for the people effected.  Let God's love show through this tragedy.

Thank you.  I have a very good friend stationed in Okinawa and when I heard last night, at nearly midnight here, that the earthquake had been the largest recorded my heart skipped a beat.  Thankfully he was logged online and after a few agonizing minutes he responded that he had felt nothing.  As you may have read, the earthquake hit mainland Japan.  He is alright, and it looks as though our military men and women in Hawaii will be fine too, but the people of Japan and any Americans visiting there are going to be healing for quite some time after this natural disaster.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
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